The 6th China-Israel

Hi-Tech Investment Summit

Haifa  2017

Company profile

Aran Medical

Aran is a leading Israeli product design and development firm and an exclusive agent of global equipment manufacturers for the plastics industry. Aran is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Artack – Medical

The eTack is a novel, motorized, articulated hernia mesh fixation device. It is designed for laparoscopic repair as well as open surgery and can be used with any currently available mesh.

ASN-Advanced Sensor Network

ASN develops and promote IoT wireless platform


BladeRanger specializes in managing autonomous robots with UAVs. The first application is for cleaning and inspection of PV installations.

Bonus BioGroup Ltd.

BONUS BIOGROUP (TASE: BONS) is a biotechnology company applying proprietary, innovative technology to supply tissue-engineered viable bone grafts. The company strives to become a world leader in the field of tissue engineering and live bone transplantation.


BrainMARC has developed a breakthrough mobile health platform for monitoring mental activity. Its easy-to-use tool derives proven and robust biomarkers from EEG sampled via two (dry) electrodes only.

Brain Profiler

Brain Profiler is a superior integrative medical record, a patient-interactive digital platform for neuro-scientific psychiatric diagnosis. Integrative medical record keeps your medical registration synchronized with patient’s psychiatric conditions, offering better follow-up, hands-on for emergencies and increasing adherence to treatment.


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Cielight Systems LTD.

Cielight will develop the world’s most advanced DWDM Optical transponder, a disruptive technology that will dramatically reduce cost-per-bit, power consumption, and optical-network footprint.


We developed a multiple clip applier that can be introduced percutaneously. The device has a minimally invasive 3 mm or 5 mm diameter shaft and has larger clips with a greater opening permitting to ligate larger pedicles than other clips. The clip has also a more secure self-locking reliable closing mechanism


Cognimine specializes in developing, converting, deploying, and supporting autonomous haulage trucks.


A game changer for the water monitoring industry

DiA Imaging Analysis

DiA is developing the next generation in how medical imaging will be analyzed, by providing fully automated supporting tools that enable quick, objective and accurate medical image interpretations.


The DiPiO instant communication system provides vast range of communication services from push-to-talk (PTT) to other advanced mobile solutions all of them focus on enabling instant and group-based communications. Leveraging its knowledge in the field of tactical communication solutions and wide network of global partners, DiPiO has enabled enhanced instant communications solutions to few of the important industry verticals including HLS, Utilities, manufacturing, transportation, and government agencies.

The DiPiO instant communication system uniqueness based on a standards-based IP platform that provides high level speed and the highest voice quality across the largest number of known networks including LTE, HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi.


Developing Personalized Digital Medicines (PDM). The first therapy is addressing Diabetes,

using a unique clinically validated mobile app that reduces stress and sugar level.

Expanding Orthopedics

Expanding Orthopedics Inc. (EOI) is a medical device company developing and marketing innovative products designed to address unmet clinical needs for spine care

Filterlex Medical

Filterlex Medical – The next generation embolic protection device (EPD) for reducing the risk of stroke and other complications during catheter-based left-heart procedures.


HealthWatch is a pioneer in harnessing textile technology to produce fashionable, smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors unobtrusively measuring vital signs of hospital-grade quality. When coupled with HealthWatch’s monitor and control device attached to the garment, users get personals alerts and 24×7 monitoring from medical experts without affecting lifestyle granting the peace of mind that we all seek in today’s world.


Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring. Hemonitor develops an autonomous ultrasound-based wearable patch for continuous and noninvasive patient monitoring & imaging. Our first product focuses on hemodynamic monitoring in critically-ill patients hospitalized in intensive care units (ICUs), offering a non-invasive and accurate alternative to currently available tools, while reducing treatment costs and duration.


IR-MED is an Israeli medical device company specializes in infrared based technologies. IR-MED has developed unique knowhow of the interface between harmless infrared radiation [NIR (near infrared), SWIR (shortwave infrared) and MIR (mid infrared)] and human tissue. Infrared-human matter interface, combined with big data and machine learning processing tools, enables the development of new diagnostic modalities


Laminate Medical Technologies is developing a new, external support device for AV fistulas, to be implanted during the fistula creation surgical procedure. The alleviates wall tension and regulates fistula geometry where an undesired narrowing of the vein and/or frequent blockages of the blood vessels may occur during the first year. Use of Laminate Medical Technology’s novel device aims to drive a change in the hemodialysis vascular access treatment paradigm and bring about a significant reduction in the annual fistula failure rate, thereby reducing kidney-failure related complications, re-interventions, and the cost burden of vascular access complications.


LapSpace introduces an inflatable balloon retractor for use in laparoscopic procedures. The LapSpace retractor provides an effective and gentle retraction of the abdominal organs such as the intestines.

Leviticus Cardio

Leviticus Cardio is developing an inherently robust, unique, wireless system capable of providing the day-to-day power needs of today’s implanted Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs), whilst eliminating complications related to the driveline.

The technology enables effective Transcutaneous Energy Transfer, which allows for more than 6 hours of freedom* from external gear.

Magicalfa Inc

Market Ready Brainwave Modulation Wellness Headband and Wristband with Applicability as a

Medical Device for Insomnia, Stress, ADD/ADHD, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Parkinson, Depression and Anxiety and PTSD.


QVconn™ combines the bene­fits of hand-suturing and suturing devices for a

consistent, stable anastomosis, with potentially fewer post-op complications


Developing scientifically proven patent protected drugs to protect the pancreas and liver. Initial products to address Fatty Liver/NASH, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

NiCast Ltd.

Nicast Ltd. develops superior medical devices from electrospun nanofabric for a wide range of clinical applications. Electrospun nanofabric is a biomaterial made of ultra-thin polymer fibers, with properties that mimic those of human tissues and organs.


NiNiSpeech provides an expert digital platform for delivering speech therapy – improving clinical outcome and boosting experience at fraction of the cost. Using the award-winning platform, NiNiSpeech is already providing reimbursed care to patients suffering from speech disorders.

Nova Plasma

Nova plasma is a privately-held Israeli company, developing an innovative plasma platform technology for various medical applications.

Nova’s mission is to make implantable devices super hydrophilic and super clean, at the point of use, directly before implantation, with its proprietary plasma surface activation technology.


OrthoDrill Medical Ltd. specializes in revolutionary cutting-edge technology solutions for Orthopedic Drilling procedures. Our unique products enable fast and easy, yet, safe bone drilling operations.

OrthoDrill Medical Ltd. developed and patented a new surgical drilling system technology. The OrthoDrill S3D® is trademarked and IP protected with international patents granted and pending


OvuCun is a home-use medical device + app equipped with our proprietary sensor (patent pending) that applies unique measuring methodology to evaluate the quality of the cervical mucus, a reliable predictor of ovulation according to medical findings


he JVR Powered – Enerjet2.0™ raises the bar for non-surgical treatments including deep remodeling and long-lasting skin treatments together with supreme needle-free intradermal compounds delivery.

The JVR technology simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound enabling a controlled deep micro-trauma profile effect for dermal remodeling. The jet stream, providing over 150 meters per second of healing compound, creates an even and optimal spread of the compound within the skin, achieving deeper absorption as well as a unique micro-trauma pattern.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage biotherapy company using placental cells and a unique, proprietary, three-dimensional (3D) technology platform to develop cell therapies for conditions such as inflammation, ischemia, muscle injuries, hematological disorders and exposure to radiation.

RDV Systems

RDV 123BIM solution provides a “Google Street” experience for future designs and design alternatives. Aggregates design data from multiple disciplines, including 2D plans, into a confederated 3D project model. Provides a cloud platform where the 3D project model is a dynamic living representation of the design as it evolves amongst the team members and stakeholders.


GlassesOff uses the remarkable potential of the brain’s ability to change with groundbreaking findings in the field of neuroplasticity. GlassesOff patented methodology enables users to enhance visual skills by improving the brain’s visual cortex’s image-processing speed and efficiency.


Robotoo Dental Innovation (ROBOToo®) is an Israeli medical device manufacturer developing a disruptive platform in the field of dental restoration, leveraging the latest robotic technologies already developed by various industry leaders and leading academies.


Saliwell offers an effective and safe treatment for the relief of dry mouth. Using Saliwell devices prevents the harmful consequences of oral dryness and creates a revolutionary improvement in its treatment and hence, in patients’ quality of life. Using Saliwell devices reduces the expenses which patients and the medical services spend today to treat dry mouth and its consequences.


SituGen's novel device for Stem Cells collection utilizes patented, unique user-Interface design for optimizing the collection of CordBlood thus maximizing the volume & number of Stem Cellsextracted.

TriSol Medica

TriSol Medical - develops a prosthetic percutaneous Tricuspid valve replacement. The Trisol valve is constructed of nitinol frame with specially designed leaflets. Its unique design provides a comprehensive solution to the unique anatomical and functional challenges which arise when treating Tricuspid Regurgitation by a replacement valve.


Uniper Care Technologies

Solution that helps older adults to age in place in an honorable and fun way. Providing caregivers with ways to enhance care.

Sanoculis – Novel Glaucoma treatment

Sanoculis Ltd. is a medical device start-up company which develops an alternative new surgical procedure for the treatment of Glaucoma. This procedure is expected to be safe, effective and simple to perform and intends to supplement currently available surgical solutions in a multi-billion international market.

Synergy 3D

Industrial design for a wide product range.

From product concept, all the way through packaging, the Synergy team works to plan, design, produce and deliver the optimal product. Synergy’s proven experience, in-depth knowledge, creativity and professional approach, enables the company to design and develop award-winning products with precision and quality which are second to none.

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